I had the pleasure of interviewing an amazing woman, Marlo Brausse of Barre Body Studios in Calgary and try out and exclusive workout just for me and the rest of my Magnolia team (www.magnoliamagazine.com).

I have found that Barre Workout; which uses isometric training, that focus on tucking, sculpting and lifting the areas that every woman wants to tuck, sculpt and lift – is something that I would like to learn more of, and dedicate my workout regimen in training. Using techniques from Yoga, Pilates, dance and aerobics, barre body is nonstop, low impact but big results. Using the barre as support, each technical method and pose brings the targeted muscles to the point of exhaustion before moving to a different pose.

Fun fact:
Zooey Deschanel, Ellie Kemper, Tinka Sumpter & Madonna are just a few of the celebrities who have included a regular regimen of Barre Body into their workout. And if you’ve ever seen these ladies bodies, you’ll see exactly what the results would look like. Lifted, sculpted, tucked and tight.

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