Exploring the world of… no meat?!

If you’ve had the amazing privilege of sharing a meal with me, or have been graced with my presence at a meal (HA! yeah right), then you know that I love my meat {yeah, you can go there 😉 }, so I’m sure it’s a bit of a shocker when I say that I have recently (roughly 2 weeks now) have gone vegetarian – well, pescetarian (def. abstains from eating all meats and poultry but still consumes seafood). Though my kids and my hubby are not with me in practicing this lifestyle decision, and yes, when he makes Swedish meatballs or Adobo I feel like crying, I am proud to say that I have not slipped in “tasting” any of it.

*cheering* yay me!!

There are a few vegetarian/vegan blogs out there that I love to peruse and read and envy over, but one blog caught my eye, and it was a vegan blog written by a Filipino woman. I make a point to say her nationality because allot of the food she writes about and creates is Filipino cuisine. First thing I thought when I saw the blog was “YAH! I CAN EAT FILIPINO FOOD LIKE SHE DOES!!”

To check out the blog, visit http://michellestinykitchen.blogspot.ca


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