Came across this tweet by @cafemom. Giuliana Rancic made a point to publicly admit that she puts her husband first – yes, even before her children.

My husband and I believe in this as well. It’s something we discuss time and time again. Years before, I probably would have disagreed with this. It used to be common sense to me that a mother must sacrifice all for the sake of her children. Sacrifice her social life, her appearance, her professional career and yes, her relationships – should it come down to it. My husband has made me realize that thought children ultimately are the deciding factors of how you live your life, they should not be the only reason for your existence.

Inevitably, they’ll grow up (like children always do), resent you (mmmmhhhm), not need you (starts when they can go potty in the toilet AND successfully wash their hands with soap without you), and move on to find their own careers, meet someone and have babies of their own. When this happens; when your become independent (like you’ve always been teaching them to be) your husband is still the only person who will come home to you.


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